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Eating food - premium foods has translated into grotesque...

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Dan Guerra 11/3/10 TA: Ingrid Section: Thursday 3:30-4:20 According to Thomas Malthus, humanity will increasingly struggle to meet its food needs as the population grows. “Thomas Malthus insisted that human populations would always be "checked" (a polite word for mass starvation) by the failure of food supplies to keep pace with population growth.” Wilson cites that Malthus however “could not have imagined that demand might increase catastrophically even where populations were static or falling. The problem is not just the number of mouths to feed; it's the quantity of food that each mouth consumes when there are no natural constraints. As the world becomes richer, people eat too much, and too much of the wrong things-above all, meat.” As food becomes cheaper, it is posing a threat not only to the quality of the food, but also to the farmers and fishermen. “With chicken, out-of control demand for once
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Unformatted text preview: premium foods has translated into grotesque and unsustainable forms of production.” Farmers in many countries are unable to keep up with the food demands and are resorting to shady practices in order “to cut costs and increase productivity.” “The food economy has created a system in which some have no food options at all and some have too many options, albeit of a somewhat spurious kind. In the middle is a bottleneck-a relatively small number of wholesalers and buyers who largely determine what the starving farmers produce and what the stuffed consumers eat.” This can explain how the world has become both “starved and stuffed”. Questions:-Is the price of good food going up? -Is there no way to make good food faster? If we can lower the time it takes to raise a chicken for fast food, can’t we devise methods that maintain the quality but shorten the time span?...
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Eating food - premium foods has translated into grotesque...

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