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Chapter 1 - -Describe-Determine the cause-Predict-Explain...

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Chapter 1 What is Research? Application of scientific & systematic procedures: research is systematically observing and retaining information to come to a conclusion Differences between deductive and inductive research Deductive research is when you start with a theory, make predictions, make observations, then conclude with empirical generalizations (then repeat the process to alter theory) Inductive research is the oppositve of deductive. You start with observations to see if a theory can be created. Another distinction in research between: basic versus applied definition of communication basic research is why and how something occurs. It is theoretical Applied research is when how and why aren’t enough. Why does something change? It’s hard to be considered applied research without being basic first. Be able to identify the different goals of research
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Unformatted text preview: -Describe-Determine the cause-Predict -Explain Differences/similarities between quantitative and qualitative research -think of the different assumptions that guide the different methods and goals of each- Quantitative – data is in numbers .the researcher and participant are independent. There is an objective view of reality. There is deductive reasoning.- Qualitiative – data isn’t in numbers. The researcher and participant are interdependent. There is a subjective view of reality. There is inductive reasoning. Hypothesis and research questions- what is the difference between the two?-- The difference between hypothesis and research question is that a hypothesis is a declarative statement forming an opinion and trying to figure something out, and a research question is just a question about why something is happening...
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