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Telling life Stories - deceased, and even themselves at a...

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“Who gets to tell their life story and why? The role of genre in the life stories of older adults” by Kate de Medeiros I thought Kate’s lecture was very interesting because I’ve never considered my life to be anything extraordinary to another person. But she depicted how one person’s perspective of a story can be completely different from another person’s. I thought it was fascinating when she talked about how if your life story is going to be told, then it should be told by someone else. That way, they see your life and your story in a different light. When she teachers seminars, one of the ways she has people tell stories is through letters. It’s really amazing what came out of people when they were asked to write a letter, as opposed to just writing about their life. People wrote to family members, the
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Unformatted text preview: deceased, and even themselves at a different place in time. These letters were very descriptive and picked out a specific memory that happened in the past. The people were never sure what is what about that memory that made it stick out to them, but there was definitely something. If I had to write about my life story I would write about transferring to Miami University from the University of Michigan. I think that time in my life was a turning point for me. I was leaving something behind that I wasnt happy and satisfied with and joined something that I loved a lot more. I think having the courage to transfer universities after freshman year is something I am proud of myself for. I could even write about this time in my life to my future children so they can be courageous and earnest too!...
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