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lecture #4 notes

lecture #4 notes - Com speeches Think about the audience...

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Kate de Medeiros Who gets to tell their life story and why? The role of genre in the life stories of older adults Kate de Medeiros – Assistant Professor of Gerontology What does it mean/cost to tell a story? Presentation of “self” and the negotiation of meaning Different stories that are appropriate for different audiences/contexts How we tell stories about ourselves tell other people who we are Limiting what we can say narrows what we can share about ourselves
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Unformatted text preview: Com speeches Think about the audience who will be listening Older women talk about their lives through their husbands What can a letter do? What gets told? How does it get told? How does audience affect what is included/excluded? What stories “fit” a letter? Third-person stories How does the story change when you’re telling it from someone else’s perspective? How is the “I” positioned? What does positioning allow one to say/not say?...
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