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Heparin Recall_2(2) - HEPARIN RECALL INTRO: Attention...

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HEPARIN RECALL INTRO: Attention Getter: How many drug prescriptions do you think the average American fills out per year? Would you think they filled out three—perhaps five on a good year? Well, Rebecca Ruiz, who is a reporter for Forbes Magazine, reported that the average American filled out over eleven drug prescriptions in 2008. The total sales from these prescription drugs reached $291.5 billion (Ruiz, 2009). So obliviously, drugs have a very large market in the United States. Heart, cholesterol, and anti-depressant medications in particular are some of the more common drugs that Americans need. But today we are going to concentrate on a certain type of drug called heparin. Heparin is an anticoagulant. In other words, heparin is used as a blood thinner. It helps prevent the formation of clots and delay existing clots within the blood. What is in it for the audience: We are all consumers of medicine, whether it is something simple, like Tylenol, or something a little more important, like heparin. We need to be aware of the components that producers are putting into these medicines so that we can protect ourselves and our families. Thesis statement: Since there are many parties that give inputs into a drug, communication between the producer, the government, and the distributer is essential in creating a safe drug. When companies like Baxter, CZ-SPL, and the FDA lack this communication, the repercussions can be problematic, even fatal, as shown during the 2008 heparin recall. Credibility: After extensively researching heparin, the affects it has on the body, and the extent of the recall, I know that I am very qualified to inform you about heparin recall that occurred in 2008.
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HEPARIN RECALL Preview Statement: Today, I want to inform you about the recall of heparin that the distributing company, Baxter, administered in 2008. First, I will concentrate on how the heparin became contaminated, and the places that contributed to the contamination. Next, I will focus on Baxter’s response to the recall. Lastly, I will weigh in on whether or not I thought
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Heparin Recall_2(2) - HEPARIN RECALL INTRO: Attention...

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