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1010 Exam 1 Study Guide - Study Guide Exam One February 11,...

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Study Guide – Exam One – February 11, 2011 PRT 1010 - A-K in Neff Auditorium and L-Z in Stewart Auditorium Room 100 FS 2011 – 50 questions – Multiple Choice, True False, and Matching – Scantron with multiple versions Remember I test from what I say in class. Not from the PowerPoints per se. If your notes are duplications of my PowerPoints and nothing more, look at someone else’s notes. I also never look at the book when I design and exam. Only reading the book will not provide you adequate information for the exam. Chapter 1 – Know all the Social Factors per our discussion in class (blackboard) Increase in discretionary time National Affluence Commodification of leisure Population trends Where people live Influence of technology Recreation’s contribution to health and fitness Environmental concerns Therapeutic recreation service New leisure roles for girls and women Decline of family and community values Growth of organized leisure-service field
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