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Sci American Article - neuron that controls whatever motion...

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The most intriguing thing I’ve read so far definitely would be The Scientific American article about “Controlling Robots with the Mind”. I’ve seen YouTube videos about controlling robots with the brain in the Advanced Placement Psychology class that I took in high school. It was an interesting way to control robots from anywhere in the world and it acts as an extension of your own body. We also watched videos of doctors using a special glove with motion sensors on it to preform robot operations on humans from any part of the world. In the near future this experimental Neurochip technology will change the medical and almost all other fields of technology concerning the brain. The Neurochip human experiments will be the perfect solution to anyone with a paraplegic, quadriplegic, or other spinal injuries. If a patient were permanently in a wheelchair they would have the option for an experimental surgery to place a chip on a
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Unformatted text preview: neuron that controls whatever motion your attempting to duplicate with a robot, in this case it would be a motor cortex area for walking forward, backward and turning. These motions wouldn’t have to be from memory from the patients because of the plasticity of the human brain. As technology improves it will allow mental training to be the solution to moving the wheelchair or other body extension of the patients. We have only been able to tap into the motor neuron action- potential for controlling physical motions but soon enough we will see this neurochip technology field delve into speech and thought areas of our brain. The ethical concerns continue further when the frontal lobe or planning and personality sections are being altered. Furthermore it is only a matter of time before we have the Neurochip technology to record our everyday thoughts and memories....
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