Team Preliminary Prospectus

Team Preliminary Prospectus - Team Preliminary Prospectus...

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Team Preliminary Prospectus Chris Ross – Journal 6 Our topic is the effects of drugs on the brain. My group consists of Mario Esho and myself. We are thinking about looking at a few different aspects of this topic including their effects on the chemicals and neurotransmitters, the effect on learning, and the long-term side effects on the brain. This topic choice was a group decision made mostly due to curiosity. The most interesting thing about this topic is learning how each drug creates its own effects based on the neurotransmitters and their receptors. I’m interested in specifically which neurotransmitters are replicated, blocked and/or not accepted. Other questions we’ve been thinking about are. ..What drugs have the most affect? What within the brain motivates people to take drugs in the first place? What causes the addiction to drugs? What other parts of the body are effected by drugs? Why are drugs illegal? These questions are all good research topics but my favorite would be, what is the basis of addiction in the brain and how can it be overcome? I look forward to answering many of these questions through my research and other teammates work. It interesting to think that people can be given all the bad short term and long term side effects of drugs but still not discourage them from chasing the high. Finding
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Team Preliminary Prospectus - Team Preliminary Prospectus...

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