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Christopher Ross WRA 110 Reflective Essay Through the long process of writing this rhetorical analysis I have gained an understanding for the rhetorical strategies used to appeal to a scientific audience. I found it interesting how helpful writing a full prospectus for the article being analyzed could be. The abstract in the prospectus was most helpful because it makes you sort through all the information in the outline to pick out the most important ideas. I never thought about how the author uses the organization of information to persuade the readers. I always thought it was only the content that did all of the persuading but now I see that it also has to do with the organization. I noticed this after looking over the outline and seeing how Raichle used a chronological arrangement of the major research work done on the intrinsic activity within the brain then ending with the future uses of this research.
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Unformatted text preview: This ending displayed how to end an article in a way that connects every reader to the material making it more memorable of an article in the process. In the future I will look to the organization of the text to gain a better understanding of the main reason the author had for writing the article. I will also look through the text for graphics and diagrams prior to reading to get a better idea of what I expect to be discussed. Thinking critically about the paper helped me in my own writing to learn a new way to organize your persuasive paper in a format other than 5-paragraph format. The hardest part of this assignment was looking at each sentence and deciding which strategy was used. If I could change one thing it would be the length of the paper because you can only write so much about how the author develops his purpose before it become monotonous. Rev. FS 08...
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