Lecture 4 - Class size: smaller class size=greater...

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Class size: smaller class size=greater achievement o Study 6K kindergartners randomly assigned to 3 class types Small (13-17 kids) Regular (22-25 kids) with 1 teacher Regular with 1 teacher+aide These arrangements continued through 3 rd grade; then children returned to regular class sizes. Results: Aide had no impact Kids from small classes had higher achievement from 4 th to 9 th grade Kids from small classes were more likely to graduate What makes an effective School? o Class size continued Why? Teachers of smaller classrooms spent less time disciplining; more time teaching, giving individual attention. o School climate is safe and nurturing Staff and students can focus on learning o Parental involvement o Progress is monitored Other factors that affect schools o Educational philosophy Traditional Teacher is sole authority for knowledge, rules, and decision making; does most of the talking. Students are passive—listen, respond when called on, complete teacher-assigned tasks. Progress is evaluated by how well they keep pace with uniform standards for grade Constructivist Students constructs own knowledge; they are active agents in learning. Classrooms have learning centers where students solve self-chosen problems. Teacher guides and supports in response to children’s needs Evaluation considers progress in relation to prior development In U.S., preference swings back and forth Trad—slightly better achievement test scores Const—motivation, critical thinking, maturity Other factors that affect learning: evidence from other cultures o U.S. students lag behind students in other countries in academics, particularly
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Lecture 4 - Class size: smaller class size=greater...

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