Thorax demo - PSYCHOMOTOR EXAMINATION Assessment of the...

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PSYCHOMOTOR EXAMINATION Assessment of the Lungs and Thorax Preparation WASH HANDS BEFORE AND AFTER! TELL PATIENTS TO TAKE A DEEP BREATH AT EACH POINT 1. Introduce self 2. Explains exam—I will be examining your lungs and thorax. I will be asking you to say words and using a stethoscope to listen to your inspiratory and expiratory chest. 3. Gives proper instructions. Breathe in when I tell you. Say the things I tell you. 4. Assembles needed equipment. Stethoscope. 5. Arranges for proper environment. Quiet. Private (patient in gown). Provide an area for them to change. 6. Follows logical exam sequence. When you do an assessment, you do inspection, palpation, and auscultation. EXCEPT for abdomen (you palpate first, b/c you don’t want to create false sounds). 7. Performs exam in a professional manner (ie. Don’t comment on breast size and armpit hygiene). Inspection 1. Observes thorax (the way they’re breathing—is it fast? Tachypnea, bradypnea, Cheyenne- stoke, Is it equal on both sides? Impaled objects? Blood? Holes? Kyphosis? Scoliosis? 2. Observes breathing pattern and rate Palpation 1. Palpates trachea. Give people a heads up when you’re reaching for their throat (“Right now I’m going to touch your neck and feel for your trachea”). One hand or two hands. Check to see if it’s
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Thorax demo - PSYCHOMOTOR EXAMINATION Assessment of the...

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