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Prepared by CHUCK SELL 10/7/97 RESPIRATORY ASSESSMENT DISEASE INSPECTION PALPATION AUSCULTATION PNEUMONIA EMPHYSEMA Tactile fremitus decreased. Chest expansion decreased. ASTHMA Tactile fremitus decreased. PNEUMOTHORAX ATELECTASIS Increased respiratory rate. Dyspnea Skin moist, clammy. Tactile fremitus normal. Normal vesicular. Heart sounds include S3 gal op. . Alveoli are collapsing. To fix that, you take deep breaths. Incentive sperometery is also used to expand alveoli. Closed alveoli do not exchange gases and collect bacteria, which can cause pneumonia. ere you get that pink-frothy sputum. If you're not exchanging lung, respiration is going to increase and so is heart rate. They're going to get diarphorisis (sweating profusely). Going to have normal tactile fremitus unless you have pulmonary edema. Can get enlarged heart from that. airways. Thus, tactile fremitus will decrease. Increased respiratory rate. Guarding & lag on expansion of af ected side. Chest expansion decreased on af ected side. Tactile fremitus
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