Peripheral Demo - PSYCHOMOTOR EXAMINATION Peripheral...

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PSYCHOMOTOR EXAMINATION Peripheral Vascular—do it if someone is presented with pain, temperature change, blood clot, dyspnea, and fatigue. For check off, card may say, you have a 38 year old truck driver who has a unilateral edema in the left lower extremity and pain. Preparation 1. Introduced self: Hi Mr. Brown, I’m going to be your nurse. I’m going ot feel your pulses to check if blood is flowing through properly. 2. Explained exam 3. Gave proper instructions 4. Assembled needed equipment—nothing 5. Arranged proper environment 6. Follows Logical exam sequence 7. Performs exam in a professional manner Approach to client 1. Follow logical exam sequence 2. Position client properly 3. Drap client properly 4. Explain findings to client 5. Palpation gentle History 1. Reviewed cardiovascular system 2. Determined smoking history and desire to quit if smoking 3. Determined dietary habits and exercise habits 4. Probed positive symptoms 5. Probed positive historical and family history items
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Peripheral Demo - PSYCHOMOTOR EXAMINATION Peripheral...

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