Musculoskeletal+Demo - 2. Inspect & Palpate:...

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PSYCHOMOTOR EXAMINATION Musculoskeletal System Approach to client 1. Introduced self 2. Explained exam 3. Gave proper instructions 4. Assembled needed equipment 5. Arranged proper environment 6. Followed logical exam sequence 7. Performs exam in a professional manner History (R.O.S.) 1. Reviewed musculoskeletal system 2. Determined injuries 3. Determined exercise level 4. Probed positive symptoms 5. Probed positive historical and family history items Exam 1. Assessed posture and gait. Screened for Scoliosis.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Inspect & Palpate: Muscle mass and bone structure Range of motion, joint tenderness, crepitous, redness, heat, swelling of: a. TMJ b. Neck c. Shoulders d. Elbow e. Fingers f. Wrist g. Spine h. Hip i. Knees j. Ankle k. Feet 3. Test muscle strength of: a. Deltoid b. Biceps c. Triceps d. Wrist e. Fingers f. Hip (adbuctors, adductors) g. Hamstring h. Quadriceps i. Ankle and foot Records the assessment findings accurately...
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Musculoskeletal+Demo - 2. Inspect & Palpate:...

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