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Extra Notes for Exam 1 - PERIPHERAL VASCULAR-arterial...

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KNOW REVIEW OF SYSTEMS. Physical assessment Posture erect and gait stead and even. No use of assistive devices at this time. Scoliosis test negative upon bending. Muscle mass and bone structure appropriate for age. No swelling, redness, or crepitous noted in joints upon exam. LImitaiton in ROM of fingers and feet w/ muscle strength = 3/5.ROM of TMJ, neck, shoulders, elbow, wrist… Communication techniques Open ended questions Subjective NOC: goal, time frame, person involved (the patient will experience decreased anxiety within 20-40 minutes). Know nursing process: know the phases and what they mean. Assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementing, evaluation
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Unformatted text preview: PERIPHERAL VASCULAR. -arterial insufficiency—pain relieved by rest and lowering your legs. When you raise, legs get red. When you lower, get red (rhemoid dependent)-venous insufficiency— JVD—jugular vein distention. It happens b/c…-know how to describe bronchial vesicular sound -know chart w/ the lungs and consolidation and what happens -know how vital signs react as you get older -know what hypertension, pre-hypertension is -Someone has an irregular heartrate, how do you take it: you count it for 60 sec. instead of a minute -remember how to auscultate S3 and S4 sounds-remember what bell and diaphragm are used for...
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