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QD Interview Questions - emulate 10 What challenges do you...

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4/4/11 Quality Dairy: Initial Interview with Stan. 4/8/2011 1) Tell us a little bit about your company and your customer service strategy. 2) Can you describe for us your customer service and satisfaction tracking methods today? What data collection methods do you have today? What systems? How are you gathering data today regarding customer service and satisfaction? What customer level data does QD have? 3) What is the ultimate goal of the project? 4) Are you prepared, as an organization to make changes to improve customer satisfaction if deemed necessary by the cust. Sat. survey results? How would you make these changes? 5) How important is this project to your company? Why is it important? 6) What metrics are important for you to understand? 7) How many respondents (sample size) do you want? 9) Are your competitors completing a customer satisfaction survey that you want to
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Unformatted text preview: emulate? 10) What challenges do you see with this project? We see: tying the performance to the individual store. 11) How does this fit into your marketing strategy? 12) Do you believe customer service and satisfaction at QD is a strength, weakness, opportunity or threat? 13) Are you committed to continuous tracking on a quarterly basis, or do you plan to get a read on the level of customer sat. and move on to the next project. 15) Who is the key sponsor? 16) Who are the stakeholders? 17) What is the expected time frame to complete this project? 18) Is there a department or person who has the capability to gather the data on an on-going basis? 19) Feasibility assessment (economic – do the benefits outweigh the cost?) 20) What customer level data does QD have?...
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QD Interview Questions - emulate 10 What challenges do you...

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