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QD Interview Questions - Quality Dairy Initial Interview...

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Quality Dairy: Initial Interview with Stan. 4/8/2011 Stan’s Cell: 517-930-3465 1) Tell us a little bit about your company and your customer service strategy. Looking to measure customer satisfaction internally and externally Specifically employees and vendors/suppliers Retail makes up 65% of employee base Farthest store is 29 miles from headquarters 15 of the 31 stores are in Lansing 2) Can you describe for us your customer service and satisfaction tracking methods today? No current customer satisfaction tracking in place today Currently use bottom line performance (PNL) and intuition to gage performance Often times forget about the customer and those serving the customer directly because of all of the other details of the company 3) What is the ultimate goal of the project? Would like to get a reading on a regular basis (quarterly) by store that can be shared with the store and all other stores so that they can see how they’re doing individually and as a group It has been costly in the past to do this but now with new things happening such as social media it may be possible 4) Are you prepared, as an organization to make changes to improve customer
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QD Interview Questions - Quality Dairy Initial Interview...

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