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Experimental Design Exercises – MKT 861 – Spring, 2011 Scenario 1 : The faculty at Michigan State University is considering implementing a new math requirement for all undergraduate students in order to improve math proficiency on a math skills test to be given at the end of each students’ sophomore year. Several members of the faculty at MSU have been asked to determine the effectiveness of the new math requirement after it has been in place for two years. The faculty requests that the existing program be allowed to continue for the two year period and students be allowed to choose whether they participate in the new or existing curriculum. At the end of the two year period, scores from the two groups will be compared to determine the effectiveness of the new math requirement. (A) What are the independent and dependent variables in this scenario? The independent variables are the existing and new programs, and the dependent variables are the students’ math scores. (B) Diagram the proposed design. ???????????????????? (C) What are the potential problems with the proposed design? 1. Students can choose to participate in the new or existing curriculums at their preference, so there will be internal differences in math level between two groups who choose different curriculum. 2. In the period of two years, students will take other courses which will not be controlled at the same time. Those courses in related academic area will influence the participants’ math level and the final scores in the test. 3. The scoring criteria of two curriculums are different. It will lead to unfairness and bias which make the scores less credible and representative. (D)
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Experimental_Design_ExercisesFJ - Experimental Design...

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