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CA Article Review Assignment - Cluster Analysis Article...

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Cluster Analysis Article Review Assignment MKT 819 Author, article title, journal, volume, date, pages: Mario F. Teisl, Sonja Radas and Brian Roe, "Struggles in optimal labeling: how different consumers react to various labels for genetically modified foods", International Journal of Consumer Studies , 32 (2008), 447-456. Purpose of the research: The researchers use factor and cluster analysis to uncover three consumer segments with different attitudes to the risks and benefits of GM foods. Their segmentation-based analysis on consumer reactions to information points out important differences across consumers. Based on this information, the researchers find differences in how information influences segments’ perceptions of the product, and in customers’ purchase likelihood. Variables: There are two groups of variables: benefits and risks: Benefits include: Decreased need for pesticides on crops Increased food production in poorer countries Lower food prices Decreased need for antibiotics in meat etc. Risks include: Unknown long-term health effects Increased risk of antibiotic resistant bacteria Increased use of pesticides Unknown or unanticipated toxins produced The sample: Sample composition: a nationally representative sample of 5462 US residents and an additional over-sample of Maine (710 individuals) residents. Sample size: 2387.
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CA Article Review Assignment - Cluster Analysis Article...

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