Lecture 7 - Development and growth Economic growthan...

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Unformatted text preview: Development and growth Economic growthan increase in GDP Economic developmentways to increase GDP If inequality, poverty, literacy rates are get Traditional economic measures:GDP GNP Traditional socila indicators:gains in literacy, schooling, health conditioans The three ovjectives of development Availability of basic life sustaining goods: food, shelter, health protection Improvement in levels of living:more jobs, better education, grater attention to cultural and human values Better economic and socia choices To individual and nations Defining the developing world The classification of the world band Ranking by gross nationa income per capita Low-income, lower middle income,upoer-middle imcome, high-imcome OECD, and other high-imcome courntries Definig the developing world Sometimes clssified bt degree of international indebtedness Severely indebted, moderaltely Defining the developing world The Inited Nationa Development Program classified countries accordinf to their lecel of human developmenr, including health and education attaintment What makes countries different The size of the country( geographcal area, population, income It historiscal vackground Irs endowments of physical and human resources Its ethnic and religious composition The relative Size and imcom level The sheer physical size of a country, the size of its population, and its level of national imcome are major factors that differentiate one nation from another No necessary relationship between a countrys size and its level of nationa imcome Historical background (ass2 refer) The European colonial powers The modeling of institutiona creations of different social parrerns Daron Acemogle et al.: the colonial origins of comparative development(2001) Physical and human resources Endowments of physical resources: land, raw materials...
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Lecture 7 - Development and growth Economic growthan...

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