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Course review - The 2 nd part of the course Scarcity...

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Course review The fundamentals Scarcity Rationality Maximiazation Oppurtunity cost Rate of time preference The fundamentals Whar is the source of the economy? Where does it come from? Other fundamentals Institutions Money Institutions General definition, functions Efficient vs ineffient institution (property righys, transaction costs) Path dependence Institutions Economic systems Money Govts (a bad govt is who set up inefficient institutions) Review Economic systems: Types Failures
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Social welfare (find different parts related, try to link them) The 1 st part of the course summary Scarity Rationality Maximizaition Opportunity cost Rate of time preffernce Institutions economic systems Failures of economic systems Social welfare Money All of these thins are missing from the circular flow diagram
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Unformatted text preview: The 2 nd part of the course Scarcity Rationality Maximization opportunity cosr rate of time preference World trade globalization Development and growth Africa Middle esat and north africa (it does not matter economic so much) What do these topics hace in common? She will ask somequesitons showing your comprahension of the materials The people Amartya Sen: a broader view of social welfare and economic growth, capabilities approach Mancur Olson: theory of collectice choice; theory of govt banditry Fridrich Hayek John Maynard Keynes Milton Fridman So. .. Why are some countries rich and some are poor? How to make poor countries grow rich?...
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Course review - The 2 nd part of the course Scarcity...

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