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woodrow wilson questions

woodrow wilson questions - 1 Compare the tone of the two...

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1) Compare the tone of the two addresses. How are they different? The same? The tones of the two addresses are similar because they both provide the goals the Wilson wishes to accomplish in his presidency. In his first inaugural address he states that he will alter the tariff, banking, and industrial systems, and safe guard property and individual rights. In the second, he verifies the part that America needs to play, which is “ the part of those who mean to vindicate and fortify peace.” The tones are different, because in his first speech it is more admonishing, for all of the corruption in America and how we need to cleanse and “correct the evil without impairing the good.” In the second, the tone is more hopeful and persuasive actually telling the audience what to do, stating that “ it is imperative that we should stand togeth er.” 2) What has changed domestically and internationally in the four years between the addresses?
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