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world religions 1 - James Yang Mr Puma AP Composition...

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James Yang Mr. Puma AP Composition 7/13/09 Lasting Effects of Judaism on American Culture Humbled by the majestic pyramids and grandiose empires surrounding them, it is difficult to imagine a small band of nomads 5000 years ago leaving a lasting effect on American culture and politics today. However, more than any of the other empires combined, the Jews have globalized their views and their religion into a lifestyle with ideas so befitting that seemingly all areas of American culture draw from it. From the actual declaration of America’s existence, the phrase “by the Creator” in the Declaration of Independence is of Jewish heritage. Also, the first thing that people introduce when meeting someone new, names such as Adam, Isaac, Sarah, and the author of The World’s Religion’s name, Smith, are drawn from Jewish ancestry (Smith 271). These examples of names and declarations clearly illustrate the palpable areas where Judaism has left a trace, but far beyond lays the intangible views and life lessons Judaism teaches that have imbedded themselves into America, and furthermore Western
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world religions 1 - James Yang Mr Puma AP Composition...

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