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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon The high levels of urbanization and of existing poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean they permit to project that in 2020 approximately 163 million people will inhabit in precarious dwellings or shanty town, according to a document of the CEPAL elaborate in the framework of the project "Encounter of work on urban poverty and projects financing possibilities in irregular human settlements and programs of transfers conditioned", that developed with the contribute of The Andean Corporation of Promotion (CAF). A den is defined like that dwelling of irregular possession, inadequate accesses to basic services, structural poor quality and where overcrowding is produced. The objective of the project, explains its coordinator, Rodrigo Martínez, Regional Advisor of the Division of Social Development of the Commission, was to analyze the problems of certification of the property, access to services as drinking water, clean-up, electricity and quality of the
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Unformatted text preview: dwelling and the dwelling programs financing plans and habitat. "Among our conclusions we can emphasize that exists a reduced access of the population of smaller resources to the system of composed formal financing by banks and financial institutions. The micro-credits that are offered they are related more to productive objectives that to the aseguramiento of the dwelling", emphasized. The document "Poverty and urban precariousness in Latin America. Current situation and financing of politics and programs", result of the project, reports that on the 80% of the urban population in the region counts on drinking water and on the 90% with electricity. But in basic clean-up or sewer system, the percentages vary between 15% and 93%. In they said text, CEPAL does a series of recommendations against the housing precariousness and for the urban development....
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