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Lab 9 prelab

Lab 9 prelab - The genotype of the F1 plants is Cc These F1...

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Unit 4 problems: Q1. You are using peas flower color as a trait to do plant breeding experiments. You have a pure-bred colored flower plant and a pure-bred white flower plant. What do you do to see which color is dominant? A. You cross-fertilize the pure-bred colored flower pea plant wit the pure-bred white flower pea plant. Q2. You plant and grow seeds from the cross-fertilization. What kind of flowers do you expect if colored flower is dominant? A. All the plants in the F1 generation with have colored flowers Q3. If we use C for the colored allele and c for the white, what is the genotype of these F1 plants? A. All the plants are Cc Q4. When a pure-bred colored flower plant is cross-fertilized with a pure-bred white flower plant, all the F1 plants have colored flowers. Colored is the dominant phenotype.
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Unformatted text preview: The genotype of the F1 plants is Cc. These F1 plants are? A. Heterozygous for the flower color gene. Q5. If you let a plant that is heterozygous for flower color self-fertilize, what will you see in the next generation? A. Most are colored flower plants, though some are white Unit 5 problems: Q1.What types of gametes will a TtYy plant produce? A. TY, Ty, tY, ty Q2. Which ones are tall and yellow? A. 9: TTYY, TTYy, TtYY, TtYy Q3. Which ones are short and yellow? A. 3: ttYy, ttYY Q4. Which ones are tall and green? A. 3: TTyy, Ttyy Q5. Which ones are short and green? A. 1: ttyy Q6. Based on your results, are tall plants always yellow, and short plants always green? A. No...
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