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Dan Guerra Experiment #1: “ Prevention of Bacterial Growth with Antibacterial Products The group used the words “us”, “I” and “we” a lot through out their report. These words could easily be replaced to make the report sound more formal. The representation of the data was very effective in their results section This long sentence is awkward: “One of them was the control, which nothing but bacteria was going to be placed in, streptomycin, which inhibits protein synthesis in gram negative bacteria, penicillin, which inhibits protein synthesis in gram positive bacteria, tetracycline, which inhibits protein synthesis in gram variable bacteria, and germ-x, which is said to destroy 99.9% of germs.” I know they are talking about the different things placed into separate Agar plates, however the sentence portrays that in an awkward and slightly confusing fashion. This section sounds “wordy”: “With this information we hypothesized that if the tetracycline antibacterial disc
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