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Lab Review #3

Lab Review #3 - Dan Guerra Experiment#3 Bacteria Growth in...

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Dan Guerra Experiment #3 “Bacteria Growth in Response to Different Temperatures The first several sentences in the Introduction section serve little purpose there. The questions posed could be removed and the section might begin with the sentence that follows them: “Bacteria are the most widely studied and most familiar kingdom underneath the domain of the Prokaryotes.” The information on Bacteria is very educational, and provides a good background for the experiment, especially the data on reproduction. I assume that the hypothesis for this experiment is: “If we place bacteria in a hot room, then they will have a faster growth rate than that of a cold room.” It perhaps make it more apparent if it was either stated that this was in fact the hypothesis, or to have mentioned it at an earlier point, as it is the last sentence of the introduction. The use of “we” and other words that pertain to the group can be omitted, making the experiment sound more formal. “Each time the same palm was used but a different part of the hand was used for each
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