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Assignment 2 - making it to show his apparent concern 10 Begging the question The speaker avoids answering the question and shifts the answer to a

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Assignment 2 continued Dan Guerra Section: Monday Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric, Questions 3.1 6-15 (pp. 66-67) 6. Suppressed evidence: The argument fails to take into account “the people’s voice”, and simply asserts that we must protect “the sanctity of marriage”. It does not explain why judges are overturning the law 7. Straw man: it attacks the “purist’s” character, not his argument. 8. Inconsistency: Politician states what is convenient at the time, flip-flopping between positions as it suits their cause. 9. Tokenism: Coolidge does not seem to be very serious about this statement, only
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Unformatted text preview: making it to show his apparent concern. 10. Begging the question: The speaker avoids answering the question and shifts the answer to a message that she wishes to express 11. Suppressed evidence: The statements only points out the facts that aid its argument 12. Begging the question: Confirmed reservation, but does not specify the exact details of the reservation, labeling it as “space available basis”. 13. No fallacy 14. No fallacy 15. Questionable statement: “If we report it , it’s fact.” Claims that everything that is reported is the undeniable truth....
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