Assignment 2

Assignment 2 - 3. All matter exhibits wave-like properties...

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Assignment 2 Dan Guerra Section: Monday 2.1B 1. Premises: Alcohol causes the loss of motor control Large amounts of alcohol increase your capability to drive safely Conclusion: There must be some other reason for why people get into car accidents while drunk driving 2. Premises: Penguins are birds Penguins can’t fly Conclusion: Penguins can run 3. Premise: Cats like stir-fry Dogs like sushi Conclusion: Fish like cat 4. Premise: Ice has a rigid molecular structure Ice is less dense than water Conclusion: Ice floats on water 2.2B Professor and friend: 1.Hyat Custovie is 5’6” tall 2. The speed of a computer processor of a given price doubles approximately every two years
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Unformatted text preview: 3. All matter exhibits wave-like properties 4. TRPML3 is a member of the TRPML subfamily of the transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily 5. In 2007, Dina Bownman published an article in the Journal of Sociology 2.5A 6. Argument: Inductive 7. No argument 8. Argument: Inductive 9. Argument: Deductive 10. Argument: Inductive 2.9 A: 1. Appeal to popularity 2. Appeal to popularity 3. Appeal to tradition 4. No fallacy 5. Easy target 2.10 B A. What you see is all an image created by your mind. What you see might not be real B. Your thoughts are processed by your brain. What you think does not have to be your own thoughts...
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Assignment 2 - 3. All matter exhibits wave-like properties...

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