Assignment 8

Assignment 8 - -Target Students in PHI 1000 a 60 of all...

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Dan Guerra Due: Tuesday April 12th at class time. Critical Thinking: The Art of Argument, Questions 8.1 A #1 (p. 265) 8.3 A 1, 3, 5, 10, 14 (pp. 280-1) 8.5 A 1-3 (p. 288) 8.1 A 1.) An average is reported: 16. It is the median, and the mode a. Mean: 16.1 b. No weighted mean c. The mode is 16 d. The midrange is 15.5 e. Median is 16 8.3 A 1. Particular form: -Sample: Green party members known -Percentage: 100% -Property: Being French -N: 5 green party members -Target: Green party members -X: Ralph Nader a. 5 of 5 Green party members I know are French b. 100% of Green party members are French c. Ralph Nader is a Green party member Therefore, it is very likely that Ralph Nader is French 3. Not a statistical argument 5. General form: -Sample: All students in PHI 1000 who took the survey -N: Unknown -Property: Having an A or a B in the class -Percentage: 60%
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Unformatted text preview: -Target: Students in PHI 1000 a. 60% of all students surveyed in PHI 1000 got an A or a B Therefore >50% of PHI 1000 students will have an A or a B 10. Not a statistical argument 14. Not a statistical argument 8.5 A 1. Argument commits fallacies-Hasty generalization: Too small of a sample to make claim-Biased sample: Only contains fish at Georgia Aquarium 2. Argument commits fallacies-Hasty generalization: Only pertains to 22% of students at VCU-Biased sample: Does not cover other college students at other universities 3. Argument commits all three fallacies: -Fallacy of Hasty Generalization: Do not know the sample size-Biased question: Question is presented using words that convey a negative connotation -Biased sample: Don’t know sample size or who was being asked the question...
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Assignment 8 - -Target Students in PHI 1000 a 60 of all...

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