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Assignment 10 - is morally bad to practice at 2am therefore...

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Dan Guerra Assignment 10 Due: Tuesday April 26th at class time. Critical Thinking: The Art of Argument, Questions 10.1 A 6, 12, 15 (p. 344-5) 10.2 A 1-5 (p. 350) 10.3 A 6-10 (p. 352) 10.6 A 9, 10 (p. 364) 10.1 A 6. Argument. Moral presupposition is that Socrates is not biased in his thinking 12. No argument. Moral presupposition that it’s good to know who rented Netherfield Park, and Mr. Bennett doesn’t think it’s good to know this. 15. There is an argument but it does not contain any presuppositions 10.2 A 1. Noncognitivist. Not too emotional 2. Cognitivist. Too emotional 3. Cognitivist: Not too emotional 4. a. Both b. The exclamation points indicate that the author is too emotional for someone concerned to think critically. 5. Noncognitivist. Too emotional 10.3 A 6. No moral argument 7. Moral argument. Action form: If you play the drum you will wake up the neighbors. It
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Unformatted text preview: is morally bad to practice at 2am, therefore he should not practice at 2am. 8. Moral argument, but conclusion is about a person, not an action 9. Moral argument. Action form: Stopping to push a person in a wheel chair is nice. It is morally right to push the man in the wheel chair, therefore he should push people in wheelchairs. 10. Moral argument. Action form: Murder is taking an innocent human life. Taking a human life is morally wrong, therefore you should not murder. 10.6 A 9. Moral argument. Deontic: Not upholding standards of intellectual and academic integrity has intrinsic features of being dishonest. It is morally bad to be dishonest. Therefore you should not cheat. 10. Moral argument. Consequentialist: Giving people what we can afford will reduce suffering. It is morally good to reduce suffering. Therefore we should give what we can...
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