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Assisgnment 6 - 12. Technical definition: Greater precision...

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Critical Thinking: The Art of Argument, Questions 4.1 B 6-10 (p. 119) 4.3 A 7-12 (pp. 127-8) 4.4 A 5-7 (p. 132) 4.5 A 5-9 (pp. 138-9) 4.6 A 14 (p. 144) 4.1 B 6. Definition: -Extension: A building can be a house, an office or a factory -Intension: An object with four walls and a roof 7. No definition 8. Definition: -Extension: A Professor is an assistant professor, an associate professor or a full professor -Intension: A faculty member of a higher education 9. No definition 10. No definition 4.3 A 7. Technical definition: Convenience 8. Technical definition: convenience 9. No definition 10. Dictionary definition 11. Technical definition: Greater precision
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Unformatted text preview: 12. Technical definition: Greater precision 4.4 A 5. Definition: Contains a negation, and therefore is not a good definition 6. Definition: Too broad, doesnt define what hazing is. 7. Definition: not too broad, does not use synonyms or metaphors. Good definition 4.5 A 5. Vague: Makes it sound like all Chevies and Pontiacs were yellow 6. Vague: What kind of branches, and wheres the gutter? 7. Ambiguous: Term right can mean correct or to turn right 8. No vagueness or ambiguity 9. Vague: What is meant by special? 4.6 A 14. Anaphora: I have a dream...
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