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social research exam review 3 - 1 Elements of Research 1.1...

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1. Elements of Research · 1.1 Concepts * A term that expresses an abstract idea formed by generalizing from particulars and summarizing related observations · 1.2 Constructs * Usually multidimensional * Not directly measurable * May be context/domain specific 1.3 Concepts and Constructs · * Concepts are constructs derived by mutual agreement from mental images, concepts are derived from our conceptions and are only mental creations · * Concepts: general term, references something we can see and we cannot see, it is a bigger term Construct: it is a concept but we don’t see in the real world, it is hypothetical, we pretend it’s there because it makes sense; construct is a type of concept · 1.4 Conceptualization produces a specific agreed-on meaning for a concept for the purpose of research · 1.5 Variables * Empirically observable/measurable, logical set of variables * Every variable must have two important qualities: § The attributes composing it should be exhaustive § Attributes composing a variable must be mutually exclusive · 1.6 Types of Variables * Independent: are manipulated and thought to influence the dependent variable * Dependent: are free to vary and are a function of the independent variable * Continuous variables can take on any value within a set range. *** * Discontinuous variables can only take on levels that are discrete. ***
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social research exam review 3 - 1 Elements of Research 1.1...

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