ch18 - CHAPTER 18 Be able to define Organizational...

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CHAPTER 18 Be able to define Organizational Control -the systematic process through which managers regulate organizational activities to make them consistent with expectations established in plans, targets, and standards of performance. Know the steps in the Feedback Control Model - 1) Establish standards of performance- within the organization’s overall strategic plan, managers define goals for organizational departments in specific, operational terms which compare to activities. 2) Measure actual performance- quantitative performance measurements that managers review daily, weekly, or monthly. The measurements should be related to the standards set in the first step. 3) Compare performance to standards- take reports and identify whether performance meets, exceeds, or falls short of standards. 4) Take Corrective Action- the use of formal authority to make necessary changes. They range from working harder, redesigning the production process, or firing of employees. Be able to define Feedforward Control -control that focuses on human, material, and financial resources flowing into the organization; also called preliminary or preventative control. Happens before process Be able to define Concurrent Control -Control that consists of monitoring ongoing activities to ensure they are consistent with standards. Happens during process
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ch18 - CHAPTER 18 Be able to define Organizational...

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