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Study Guide for Final Exam Below are concepts that will appear on the final exam. Categories of harmful consequences related to substance abuse Differences among substance intoxication, withdrawal, abuse, and dependence and symptoms associated with each Effect of tolerance on substance use; which types of drugs have high or low risk for tolerance How is alcohol classified and why? Definition of binge drinking Characteristics of DTs Effects of cocaine Physiological effects of nicotine What drugs are considered opioids? What are the types and symptoms of impulse control disorders? Criteria for inattentive and hyperactive-impulsive types of ADHD Gender differences in prevalence of ADHD Researched based treatment for ADHD Recognized characteristics of conduct disorder Diagnostic criteria for oppositional defiant disorder
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Criteria for separation anxiety disorder Criteria and treatment for enuresis
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Unformatted text preview: Criteria for mild mental retardation • Characteristics of someone with moderate mental retardation • Definition of pervasive developmental disorders • Characteristics of children with autism • Difference between autism and Asperger’s disorder • Denial and positive coping • Characteristics of the Type A Personality • Link between depression and risk of recurrent heart attacks • Effects of exercise on heart disease and depression • Definition of dyssomnias • Definition of primary insomnia • Characteristics of someone with hypersomnia • Criteria for central and obstructive sleep apnea • Definition and types of parasomnias • Phases of the sexual response cycle • Characteristics of people with sexual aversion disorder • Types of sexual desire disorders • Characteristics of a person with dementia • Most common type of dementia • Definition of sundowning...
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Study_Guide_for_Final_Exam - Criteria for mild mental...

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