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What is the purpose for using exit slips? They are perfect for wrapping up the class and giving the students a chance to reflect on the day and what they learned. Compare and Contrast strategy: How do graphic organizers help students with comparing and contrasting? It helps student organize their thoughts and visually be able to see the differences and similarities in what they are comparing Find in Tools for Teaching Content Literacy: Compare/Contrast What is the purpose of the compare and contrast strategy? How long does it take to acquire academic language? 5-7 years Social language? 1-2 years What does this mean for ELL readers in the classroom? Things we should remember for our classrooms: The learning/acquisition process is complex! The process is gradual and non-linear. Learners learn when they are ready to learn. L1 and L2 are interdependent; SLA does not “interfere” with acquisition of L1.
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