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ELM 335 Midterm Study Guide ELM 335 Midterm Study Guide -Name some major shifts in reading instruction over time. -3 changes in reading perspectives for students in intermediate grades. -Describe when and why you would use a book pass with students. Give a specific instance and why you’d use it. -What reading strategy does reciprocal teaching develop? -What are “considerate” texts? -Examples of multicultural/ traditional literature? Non-fiction?
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Unformatted text preview: -What is the main diff b/t historical and realistic fiction?-How do read alouds and picture books help with history?-What is the purpose of academic notebooks?-What are comparison, sequential, problem and solution, descriptive, and cause and effect stories? Give examples.-Name some important considerations teachers should take into account when considering multicultural books.-Describe critical, empathetic, and conceptual understanding....
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