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rrfit - routines(Layden A.C 1998 AJ 115 193 Mancone C&...

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INTRODUCION Q. How do we characterize RRL stars? RRFIT (RR Lyrae light curve FITing) is a template light curve fitting program written in FORTRAN designed to determine the best-fit light curve parameters of a randomly sampled light curve of a RR Lyrae variable. Inspired by a couple of previous version of template light curve fitting
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Unformatted text preview: routines (Layden, A.C. 1998, AJ, 115, 193; Mancone, C. & Sarajedini, A. 2007) I developed my own code, RRFIT for my latest research of two faint M31 satellite galaxies, And XI and And XIII (Yang, S-C. & Sarajedini, A. 2011 submitted to MNRAS)....
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