ch 5 notes - Ch5:ElementsofLanguage Uses of Language We use...

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Ch 5: Elements of Language Uses of Language We use language to designate, label, define, and limit When we label a house as a “mansion” we are differentiating it from a “town house” We use language to evaluate Positive or negative If someone takes a long time to make a decision, you can see him positively as “thoughtful” or negatively as “dawdling” We use language to discuss things outside our immediate experience Talk about what we hope for in 5 years Analyze a conversation Learn about history that shapes our world We use language to talk about language Discuss if phrasing a statement differently would have been better We are not born knowing a language Even though languages have systems of syntax and grammar, each utterance is a creative act People interpret the meanings of words differently Denotation The direct, explicit meaning a language community formally gives a word Connotation The feelings or evaluations we associate with a word – important to our understanding of the meaning Denotation and connotation are important because the only message that counts is the message that is understood, regardless of whether it is the message you intended to send
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ch 5 notes - Ch5:ElementsofLanguage Uses of Language We use...

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