ch14 notes - Ch14:GrowingupMasculine,GrowingupFeminine...

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Ch 14: Growing up Masculine, Growing up Feminine Themes of Growing up Masculine Don’t be female Don’t show sensitivity or vulnerability’ Be successful Achieve status in their professions Be aggressive Being daredevils and roughnecks Take a stand and not run from confrontations Be sexual Be interested in sex – all the time, anytime Be self-reliant Don’t need others, especially women Embody and transcend traditional views of masculinity Men encourage each other to be silent, tough, independent, take risks When guys don’t measure up to social expectations Shame “youre a wuss” “do you do everything she tells you” Hidden male depression Society’s unwillingness to acknowledge it Double social stigma than women who suffer from depression Themes of Growing up Feminine Appearance still counts
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Women are judged by their looks Women are urged to be pretty, slim, and well-dressed Magazines are filled with makeup, diet ads, hair products Retail stores: mannequines are size 0, 2, 4
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ch14 notes - Ch14:GrowingupMasculine,GrowingupFeminine...

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