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kant speech outline

kant speech outline - b.ii These steps will be put to the...

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Joey Couri Speech sec 6 Speech outline Topic: Immanual kants theory and what is right and wrong Specific purpose: To inform my audience on Kants formula in making the right decision Central idea: College kids run into many scenarios were they struggle between what is right and what is wrong. By informing teenagers a method one could use in a difficult situation it will help them become better people. Title: Immanual kants categorical imparrative. INTRO 1) “The road to hell is paved by good intentions.” Immanual kant would disagree with this statement entirely. He believes what makes you a good person is your will. He believes if you have good intentions you will end up doing the right thing a) Your will to try to do the right thing if you try to do what is right. b) But how will we know what is right, this is what this speech is about. b.i)There are basic steps to this formula which will be tuahg to you
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Unformatted text preview: b.ii) These steps will be put to the test from everyday college choices. c) Transition= Now lets see Kants formula on what to determine whats right and wrong Body 2) Use a source says, if you are in a situation you must pick out a maxim or an action a) Then you use that maxim and put it as a universal law b) And in a hypothetical situation you would live in a world were everyone does the same maxim c) It this action is irrational or mainly if it contradicts anything than t is a wrong decision c.i) Perfect duty c.ii) Imperfect duty d) Second and third formula 3) Transition= to help you grasp his concept I will use examples college students have to face Conclusion 4) Transition= inconclusion if you are ever in a situation in ere you don’t know what is right and wrong you may use the categorical imperative a)...
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