CRS 325 Informative Speech Assignment

CRS 325 Informative - • You are required to have at least 4 scholarly sources(but more are always welcome • These sources can come from

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Informative Speech Guidelines CRS 325 100 points possible Time Requirement: 5-7 minutes Assistance: 2-3 note cards, front and back (recommended) Visual Aids: Not required (if you want to use a visual aid you must get it approved ahead of time) General Expectations: This presentation will employ strategies of defining, reporting, or describing in public speaking. The goal of this assignment is not to persuade, instead, you are explaining your topic in order to provide your audience with a deeper understanding. This framework requires focused and in- depth research as well as the ability to organize and structure a coherent message around a clear thesis. Getting Started: Think about a subject you’re interested and brainstorm possible speech topics. After choosing a topic, develop a working thesis statement to narrow your focus and begin your research. Once you have explored your topic and constructed a thesis, you will need to approve your thesis with me ( this is before your speech day via e-mail at [email protected]
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Unformatted text preview: ). • You are required to have at least 4 scholarly sources (but more are always welcome!). • These sources can come from scholarly journals, interviews with individuals associated with your topic, or book/electronic/news sources that support your main points (but not Wikipedia or blogs). Research must be cited in your presentation AND in your outline using MLA guidelines. Assessment: Evaluations will take into account how well you convey information to your audience. Presentations are more than just reiterating facts. Fundamental understandings of speech structure and delivery skills are an absolute necessity. You will be graded on clarity, organization, and the quality of your delivery. Your main points should be clear and reinforced with citations; your introduction and conclusion should function to effectively begin and end your speech; your information should be presented creatively to maintain audience interest. Your speeches will be timed and video recorded....
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