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Outline Assignment

Outline Assignment - Fry freshly caught fish for supper...

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CRS 325 Presentational Speaking Outline Exercise 10 points Arrange the following statements in a clear organizational pattern using the outline template on Blackboard. The statements will not stay in the order originally listed. If you need to add statements to fulfill the principles of outlining, please do so. This assignment should follow the basic format for a full-sentence outline (i.e.; Intro, Thesis Statements, Transitions, Body, Conclusion, etc.). This assignment is due at the beginning of our next class period, typed-up and a hardcopy submitted. Camping in a state park is a great summer activity. You can watch animals and birds in their natural habitat. If someone breaks or gets lost, it is difficult to replace it. You can breath fresh air. Rain can wash out an entire weekend of fun.
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Unformatted text preview: Fry freshly caught fish for supper. Your have lots of activities you can do. You can swim. Roast hot dogs and beans for lunch. You can see flowers and trees that you cannot see in the city. You can fish. You experience the great outdoors. Food cooked over an open fire has a wonderful flavor. Mosquitoes, gnats, and black flies can ruin an otherwise nice outing. A typical menu has variety. You can hike. High winds can ruin equipment and keep you off the lake. Cook pancakes and eggs for breakfast. Camping does have some problems. You’re far from stores. Toast marshmallows for a late dessert. You eat great food. You can canoe. Nature can be nasty. If you forget something, you usually have to do without it. Extreme heat can cause heatstroke....
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