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NOTES internet 2-2 - 4 FIOS – provided by VERIZON URLS...

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WHAT IS THE INTERNET? The internet is a worldwide collection of interconnected computer networks that enables business, organizations, governments and individuals to communicate. Publishing and interacting with Web pages is the most popular way users communicate on the Internet. The World Wide Web (www) consists of a giant collection of documents or pages stored on computers around the world. Types of Internet Connections 1. DSL - digital subscriber line 2. Cable modem 3. ISDM – integrated service digital network
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Unformatted text preview: 4. FIOS – provided by VERIZON URLS and LINKS- Each page has its own unique address called a URL- (uniform resource locker) Ex. HOW TO LOCATE PAGES ON THE WEB 1. Use the URL of the page if you know it 2. HYPERLINKS of SIMPLY LINK – clickable words or images on Web pages. All link on a web page is associeated with a URL WHAT IS A BROWSER A web browser is software that allows you to view and interact with Web pages INTRODUCTION TO HTML...
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