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bus_-_notesaftermidterm[1] - Interview Questions What are...

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Interview Questions What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses? o Back it up with a story o Never give a “REAL” weakness Make a positive into a negative and then make it back into a positive o Why should I hire you? List six or seven qualities and talk for ten mins about yourself If I should hire you, where you want to be five years from now with this firm? o Hard work and progress and help this firm grow o Do not name a specific role What salary you expect? o Don’t mention a number o Money is not the key factor – I want an opportunity to work in this firm – but I need a salary that’s enough to help me survive in this economy. If you MUST give an answer – give an answer that is like 5k higher than the avrg range Your job is based on forty hours, how many hours in the week do you have to work to get the job done? o Work as long as it take to complete the projects on your shoulder CHAPTER 9 – Human Resources Management Activities 1. Human resource planning: acquiring, maintaining, and developing people 2. Job analysis a. Job description: outline what the job is like - duties and responsibilities b. Job specification: skills needed for the position [i.e. M.D., 5 year experience] c. Job evaluation: relative work of the job [salary, position] – i. Leave Job – They give you what you make plus + X or what you made – X. ii. Never leave a job without securing another iii. One company can not tell another company how much salary you’re making iv. One company can only give the start and end dates of your job. 3. Recruiting a. External: hire someone not from the firm [hire someone from college, competitors, agencies, online listings, recommendation from employers/friends, NYTIMES,] b. Internal: promoting from within 4. Selection: Two types of selection tools a. Interview i. List six or seven qualities and talk for ten mins about yourself b. Track record c. Aptitude test / Intelligence test – Similar to SAT / Personality test / Lie detector test d. Assessment Center: Outside firm that interviews you [tough test] 5. Orientation a. Employing the employees to help you fit in 6. Compensation & benefits a. Ranges: Part-time: pay hourly; b. Commission: depends on your sales c. Bonuses: giving after the fiscal year – depending on how well the company is doing d. Profit share/401k plan – if put a dollar in, they will max up the dollar after certain years (interest) wage + these interests [greatest thing in the world! – unless you invest it in stocks, and if the
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company tanks, then there will be a loss.] i. Some firms are conservatives and some are liberals – some firms do not even offer these investment plans (they let you decide what to do with your money) 7. Training and development a. Training can be continued b. On-the-job-training: learn as you go c. Vestible training: pre-work training (classes and lectures)– to tell the rules, regulation, and how to work the system of the company i. i.e. – a week training followed by a test – if do not pass the test, the employee gets fired.
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bus_-_notesaftermidterm[1] - Interview Questions What are...

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