Chapter 1 - Velocity tells us both an object’s speed and...

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1.1 Motion Types of Motion -Motion: The change of an object’s position or orientation with time -Straight line motion -Circular motion -Projectile motion -Rotational motion -Trajectory: Path along which an object moves 1.2 Position and Time: Putting Numbers on Nature Position and Coordinate Systems -Position: Your location at a particular instant in time -Displacement: Change of position -Difference between a final position and an initial position
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Unformatted text preview: Velocity tells us both an object’s speed and its direction-Scalar quantity: When a physical quantity is described by a single number-Vector quantity is quantity that has both size and direction-Size is called magnitude-It can be positive or zero, but not negative An object’s displacement vector is drawn from the object’s initial position to its final position, regardless of the actual path followed between these two points...
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