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Case #5 Notes: Serendipity Software Tom Hilliard and Anne Collins have a Madison, Wisconsin business called Serendipity Software. The business was Tom’s idea; he had 15 years of experience in “software artistry.” Anne had started “more or less at the top,” but lost her ambition over the years. Anne wanted the company to grow along traditional business lines and was intrigued by the idea of selling packaged software instead of relying on one-of-a-kind contracts. The corporate culture encouraged innovation and staff interaction. They even created a “wreck room” with kitchen, pool table, hot tub, etc. for employees working into wee hours of the night to enjoy. They felt need to be a fun, cool place to work in order to recruit top talent to Wisconsin Held “think tank” lakeside retreats as forums for developing new products, discussing problems, and examining the company’s future. One problem that arose was the lack of middle management.
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