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Case_10-2[1] - Law • Whether in any individual instance a...

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Case 10-2 Facts: Defendant publishes an advertisement selling expensive items like fur coats and scarfs for $1 Plaintiff tries to go retrieve items and the seller starts to change his stipulations even though he is offering the asking price for the items. Came in twice to purchase the items and was denied both times because of the “house rules” that were not stated in the advertisement Issue: The seller of the items tells the plaintiff that he only intended on selling the items to a girl.
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Unformatted text preview: Law: • Whether in any individual instance a newspaper advertisement is an offer rather than an invitation to make an offer depends on the legal intention of the parties and the surrounding circumstances Decision: • Plaintiff won in trial court and the case was affirmed by the supreme court Why: • The plaintiff was the first one to appear at the place of business of the defendant and offered the stated price of the article which entitled performance on the part of the defendant....
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