Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - -Hydrolysis Water is consumed-Most abundant...

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Chapter 2: -Atomic weight/molecular weight: Protons+Neutrons -Avogrado’s number: 6x10 23 -Ionic bonds are a type of electrostatic attraction that occurs between oppositely charged atoms -Not all hydrogen atoms form hydrogen bonds -General formula for sugars: (CH20)n (n is usually 3,4,5 or 6) -Exist in D and L forms -Condensation: Water is expelled as bond is formed
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Unformatted text preview: -Hydrolysis: Water is consumed-Most abundant organic molecule is cellulose-Fatty acid: Carboxyl group (Hydrophilic) and chain (Hydrophobic)-Most important function is the formation of membranes-Amino acid:-N terminus: NH2 group (Amino group)-C terminus: COOH group (Carboxyl group)-Exist in D and L forms...
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