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Multiple Choice (2 points each) 1. Global Schlock, Inc. manufactures cheap plastic toys which include an internal gear mechanism which is also made Global Schlock. The design of the gear mechanism is patented by Better Technology Company. If Global Schlock’s manufacture of the gear mechanism is without Better Technology’s permission, Global’s use is patent infringement a. only if consumers are confused. b. only if Global Schlock and Better Technology are competitors. c. only if consumers are confused and the companies are competitors. d. None of the above. 2. Sheila writes lyrics and commercially records a new song using a time composed by Tony, without Tony’s permission. This is a. patent infringement. b. copyright infringement. c. trademark infringement. d. None of the above. 3. In 2005, Homer writes A History of the Simpsons in the U.S. , the first genealogical study of a cartoon family. Homer sells it over the internet, but does not register the work with the U.S. Copyright Office. Under federal copyright law, Homer’s work is a. automatically protected. b. protected, if he registers the work within six months. c. protected, if he registers the work within one year. d. None of the above 4. Alpha Company hacks into Omega Corporation’s computers and accesses confidential business data. There is no contract between Alpha and Omega regarding the data. This is a. a risk of doing business. b. patent infringement. c. theft of trade secrets. d. trademark infringement. 5. Adam is the owner of Adam’s Apples, a sole proprietorship. He wishes to increase his business capital but still maintain complete control. This objective can best be accomplished by a. issuing stock. b. borrowing funds. c. bringing in partners. d. selling the business. 6. Ben enters into a general partnership with Alan and Jenifer. Ben is now a. personally liable for all the debts and obligations of the partnership. b. liable for partnership debts and obligations only up to the amount of his capital contribution. c. not required to contribute any personal money to satisfy partnership debts and obligations. d. None of the above. 1 1
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7. Cathy is considering creating a corporation for her advertising art firm. In order to do so, the state will require Cathy to file with a state agency: a. Articles or Certificate of Limited Liability. b. Articles or Certificate of Incorporation. c. Articles of Certificate of Organization. d. None of the above. 8. Interstate Trucking, Inc. is a private corporation, Jack, a driver for Interstate, is in an accident in New Jersey with Owen, a citizen of New York. Owen files a lawsuit against Interstate in a federal district court. For purposes of federal court jurisdiction, the citizenship of Interstate Trucking, Inc. is the same as: a. Interstate Trucking’s shareholders. b.
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acct352exam_3 - 1 Multiple Choice(2 points each 1 Global...

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